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General Rules

Institute's decision for the selection procedure in common admission test will be final, no complain will be taken on that matter.

Students enrolled are not permitted to undergo any other courses of study during the course tenure.

The student will have to attend theory and practical classes as well as the training programmes with diligence and sincerity and will maintain discipline at all levels during the course.

The students will not be allowed to appear in the college exams and university exams unless he/she has attended 75% of the lectures, demonstrations and practical classes as per the university norms.

Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the college will lead to disciplinary action such as warning, fines and suspension or even expulsion from the college. In all disciplinary matters, the decision of the management will be final and binding.

The management of the college reserves the right to change/modify the prospectus, rules, guidelines, fee structure and other criteria of the college whenever necessary according to the situation and will not be answerable to any one for such changes. All the persons connected to the college shall be bound by these rules and times. Any legal disputes that may arise shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of Tripura.

All students are required to carry the college identity card and should wear their uniform (dress with black shoes and black belt only) within the campus during college hours. The identity card is issued from the college after admission.

All notices issued by the authorities of the college require mandatory reading and strict obedience.

College fees should always be paid within the stipulated date. However, after the due date, the fees may be paid with a late fee as detailed below: a. Late fee of Rs. 50/-per day will be charged if not paid within due date. Last date for submission will be 7 days prior to the exam date.

b. Late fee for depositing hostel fee after due date: Rs. 25/- per day. Last date for submission will be 7 days prior to the exam date.

c. Late fee for depositing other fees after due date: Rs. 25/- per day. Last date for submission will be 7 days prior to the exam date.

Students have to clear all the outstanding of the academic year within the stipulated time before the University exams schedule.

Semester examination fees, internal supplementary exam fees etc. will occur as directed by the college authority from time to time.

If Library Card, Identity Card or Guardian Visiting Card for hostel is lost, then the same can be obtained from the college office by paying a fee of R.s 50/-.

Fees once deposited will not be returned under any circumstances.

Students once admitted in the hostel will have to continue for one academic year.

Allocation of Hostel facility will be completely in the hands of the management, outside students will be preferred first. Also once allotted, every student has to abide by the rules and regulation of Hostel as decided by the management.

Ragging or any activity of that nature are strictly condemned by the authorities. Any student found participating in any activity of that sort would be punished accordingly by the authorities.

a. Maximum age limit for admission shall be 25 for the fresh students.

b. Maximum age limit for admission shall be 35 for the in - service candidates (candidates from Government sector, semi-government sector, Cooperate sector, Sponsored candidates etc.)

Lateral entry allowed for the appropriate candidates as per the university norms, age relaxation will be of 3 years (maximum).